Randall Howard Paul, or “Rand” as his mother affectionately called him, was born January 7th, 1963. He grew up the middle child of 5 to parents, Ron and Carol Paul. Raised in a strong conservative Christian family, Randall believed in the greatness of all God’s people and the importance of a strong moral character. From early on it appeared that Randall would follow in the footsteps of his successful and influential father Ron Paul, who served as an impressive physician and beloved House Representative for Texas.

Randall was a very bright and attentive student in his adolescence, which paved his way to an education at Baylor University. While at Baylor, Randall participated in a number of programs, including being a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas group on campus. His success in higher education also afforded him admittance to Duke University, where he graduated with a Medical degree in ophthalmology in 1988.

Despite his great skill in the medical field and successful personal practices, Randall’s greatest passion was the US political system. Much like his father, Dr. Paul sought to exercise his Republican/libertarian beliefs by turning to political activism. Dr. Paul founded the Kentucky Taxpayers United group which fought to reform the tax systems of modern society to truly benefit the American people. Randall is also an active member of the Tea Party Movement, and has greatly contributed to the ideological literature produced by the party. At the pinnacle of his political career, Dr. Paul was elected to the seat of Junior United States Senator for Kentucky in 2010.

One of the greatest moments of his life occurred in 1990 when Dr. Paul married his lovely wife Kelley. Randall’s greatest treasures are his sons William, Duncan and Robert. Dr. Paul is campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Candidacy to not only return the nation back to its former glory, but to create a United States that his children and future grandchildren can rely on.

Updated  11/6/13 at 4:00 pm


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